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How I Hiatus...

CDMX is a modern metropolis shaped by many great artists and designers over the centuries. From the once dominant Aztec city-state, it emerged as a global architectural capital in the 1960s. Mexico City based and beloved architect Luis Barragan, was even awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1980 for his contributions. Modern architects like Alberto Kalach, whose portfolio includes the Biblioteca Vasconcelos, carry on this legacy today. We recently had the opportunity to stay at Reforma 27, one of Kalach's rare endeavors into the residential. Like our own designs, the building follows the classic principles: beauty, strength, and utility. Our favorite features included; the open floor plans, large windows and recessed balconies allowing for both privacy and a flood of natural light from the sky above. 

We brought along our latest Open Robe from this summer's Suma Collection and found it to compliment our stay perfectly. At 7,350 ft. the high altitude city can be a bit abrasive and our robes provided the perfect comfort while enjoying our morning coffee or following an afternoon swim in the pool enveloped in a tropical greenhouse. Our black and white stripe bull denim fabric fit right in with the apartment's dreamy mid-century modern aesthetic.

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