Post No. 4

The adventures continue, this past weekend we got to spend time on a beautiful avocado and citrus farm up the coast, in Carpinteria. We were in complete awe of the perfectly kept ranch and walked for hours under a 70 year old canopy of trees...

How special to be on a cliff facing both south and west over the Pacific Ocean. To see a property that is so loved and nurtured is truly inspiring and reflective of the mission we have here at Hiatus, to take in all the details of life and slow down to enjoy time with loved ones and notice the beauty around...

Post No. 3

We recently went to Ojai, California to celebrate the nuptials of our favorite New York designer, Hui. We rented a lovely home and for the sake of beating some high valley temperatures we popped by the Ojai Rancho Inn's pool and enjoyed some summer cocktails at the Chief's Peak Poolside Bar. A recently renovated inn, the Ojai Rancho really channels the valleys magical energy!

What a memorable weekend in company of some of the best ladies we know and who inspire us.


Post No. 2

We are back in California, but our hearts were left in Spain.

We took a week to travel along la Costa de la Luz, from Cadiz to Tarifa and while we would like to recount all the little gem beaches we stumbled upon, the fresh fish and tapas and all the exquisite abodes we stayed at, we could not do it justice...so here are some pictures.


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